Marinspect – U SAFE

A new way to save lives – SIMPLE, FAST AND SECURE

Designed to save lives

U SAFE has been developed by a number of maritime experts with a single purpose; to save lives. The turbine engines provide a top speed of 15km/h, and thanks to the symmetrical design, it can run on both sides, whatever the conditions. U SAFE is automatically activated when thrown overboard and is ready within seconds. SIMPLE, FAST, SECURE.

Reach out to the person in need in the first, crucial seconds

U SAFE is perhaps the market’s fastest “first responder”.
The unique symmetrical design, combined with advanced technology ensures a unique response time, even under demanding weather conditions. If the U SAFE is tipped over by a wave, it continues to run on the other side. No matter the side, no matter the weather!

Anywhere, anytime

Regardless of whether you are on the edge of a wharf, a cargo ship, a work boat on the edge of a breeding cage, a fishing boat or in a sailing boat, U SAFE will always be able to make the same innovative use in the event of a man overboard accident. U SAFE is designed to withstand drops of up to 30 meters and starts up automatically when thrown into the sea. Integrated LEDs ensure visibility even in the dark.

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